About the Artist

Julie Strauch

Born in Connecticut, she has lived in southern Florida since early childhood. Julie’s background includes a Bachelor’s of Art from Florida State University and graduate work from Florida Atlantic University. She taught Ceramics and Art history at the University School of Nova University for 7 years and received a Fulbright Scholarship in Art and Architecture. She has studied under such notable artists in the ceramic field such as Richard Shaw, Paul Soldner, Daniel Rhodes, and Rudy Audio.

Through her travels and studies, Julie developed a unique style for the past 30 years that is Fired Fantasies. It combines the time tested techniques developed over thousands of years with the modern whimsical approach that is Julie’s own. Each piece begins as flat-rolled clay that is hand-shaped over a form for the general design. Then, it is personally reshaped, fashioned, and embellished. After a week of drying time, the sculpture is low-fired. The piece is then meticulously glazed and refired to a temperature of 2300 Degrees. The finished piece is sometimes fired again with 22 karat gold and luster’s applications.

Besides Fired Fantasies, which is marketed in craft galleries throughout the U.S., Julie also creates large scale architectural pieces that are incorporated into buildings or homes.

Image of Julie Strauch